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PG PLASTIC is the specialist in precision technical parts from 0.1 to 300gr and for medium and large series productions.
To date, the machine park consists of 23 presses with a power of between 30 and 180 tonnes.
The tools are defined and produced with our mold-making partners, European or in the LCC region.
Injection processing (Molding and Overmolding) of a wide range of technical thermoplastics (ABS, ABS / PC, PA6, PA46, PA66, PA12, POM, PBT, PPS, PPA, PU, ​​PC, PEI, PEEK, PPO ...)
In addition, we carry out assembly operations of sub-assemblies with automatic, semi-automatic and manual means, such as: Winding, welding and assembly of inserts by ultrasound, assembly of gaskets ...
Our business sectors are: automotive, construction, electronics, IT, household appliances, leisure, etc.